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Monday, September 27, 2010

Elder Watch! Con man Alert!

  A 54 yr old man is wanted for duping Canadian seniors. Richard Earl Rupert, 54, typically befriends seniors posing as a younger relative in financial distress, then stealing from them.

In an article by KJ Mullins, Detective Constable Michael Thomas of the Toronto Police explained that Rupert has been known to frequent BINGO Halls, and convince seniors he is a relative or building manager.

Rupert who has allegedly stolen from seniors in Ontario and Manitoba, was profiled Saturday night on the TV show “America's Most Wanted”.  The show featured an interview with “Kurt”, a 93-year-old male victim from Toronto, and video footage of a police investigator from Ontario’s  capital describing Rupert's modus operandi. See a full description of Rupert and surveillance photos. on the show’s website HERE.

According to an article by Jason Halstead, police believe Rupert was targeting Winnipeg seniors this June.

In an interview, Winnipeg Police Service spokesman Const. Jason Michalyshen expressed the importance of increasing awareness stating, "maybe at minimum we can prevent further incidents."

On June 9, Rupert is alleged to have befriended a 75-year-old man at a seniors' residence in Winnipeg.  Apparently, Rupert claimed to be a distant relative and got inside the victim's suite, where he absconded with a small amount of money.

Five days earlier, Rupert allegedly convinced another  elderly man that he was a relative in need of cash.  Rupert escorted the man to HSBC bank ATM where the senior withdrew cash, police allege. An employee recognized Rupert from a "wanted" poster and called police but he escaped.

Rupert is also accused of stealing from more than 20 seniors in Toronto and other Ontario communities. 

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