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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Goin' Fishin' Ontario for Free!

My daughter is in Ontario with her Grandfather and called with an urgent message- Quick - What's in season? Thinking it would be fairly easy information to find, I plugged in the request into my search engine and took hours to get an answer.

ont fishing So, to find what's in season in Ontario check this map (page 3 of the pdf) and find the region number.Then use the region number to open an information bulletin from this list.

Note: Not everyone needs a fishing licence.

The following people fish for free:

1. Residents of Ontario and Canada under 18, or 65 years of age or older, with their birth certificate.
2. Disabled Ontario and Canadian residents, eligible for with either:
• a Canadian National Institute for the Blind National Identity Card; or
• an Ontario Ministry of Transportation Accessible Parking Permit.
3. Ontario and Canadian residents in with their birth certificate and accompanied by and requiring the direct help of another person to fish and follow fishing laws due to a condition of mental impairment or a developmental disability, a learning disability or dysfunction, or a mental disorder.

Remember catch and possession limits and some
size limits can be different under a Sport Fishing Licence
than for a holder of a Conservation Fishing Licence
• S - refers to limits under a Sport Fishing Licence.
For example: S – 4 = catch and possession limit of four.
• C - refers to limits under a Conservation Fishing Licence.
For example: C – 2 = catch and possession limit of two.
NOTE: all size limits refer to total length (including Lake Sturgeon}

So kids grab your grandparents and go fishin' it's free!

Read more regulations here.

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