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Friday, January 27, 2012

Green Party of Canada Sounds Democracy Alarm

Never before in Canadian history has a governing party chosen to vilify its citizens for the offence of commitment to our environment. The Prime Minister has made it clear he regards the determination of Canadians to oppose oil tankers on the BC coast and piping bitumen crude out to the US or China as anti-Canadian activity.

The attack has included demonizing charities receiving money from US charities to oppose the pollution of Big Oil. For years, Canadians have donated generously to protect the Amazon or to save rare tigers. But when other countries’ citizens donate to help Canadians protect our precious eco-systems, Stephen Harper acts as though the effort is a threat to national security.

The tactics of the Harper Conservatives are chilling. They combine suppression of dissent, with conflating the “public interest” with the profits of foreign oil companies. We need to speak out clearly. The national interest requires addressing the climate crisis, establishing energy security and diversifying energy sources.

As the only elected leader of an Opposition party in the House of Commons, I am very grateful for your help. Support now will help us spread the word and improve our ability to get the word out at the grassroots.

Please take a moment to donate time (go to to sign the petition) or write letters to the editors of newspapers across Canada.

Do not lose heart. We may be in the fight of our lives, but we can revive democracy. We can restore Canada to the place of respect in the world which we once held. It is possible to mobilize effectively and force a change in the dangerous course Stephen Harper has set for our nation.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Elizabeth May, O.C.

Member of Parliament, Saanich-Gulf Islands

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