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Friday, January 27, 2012

Omemee Pigeon eFlyer –Top Canadian Mapmaker!

Google Maps Contributor for Over 4 Years

Omemee Pigeon eFlyer, editor Suzanne Sholer, was recognized,and awarded an official Google Map Maker prize for her mapping efforts in adding and editing places on Google maps. Placing venues, businesses, parks,and landscape features in the correct location on internet maps has been personal hobby of Suzanne’s for over four years. When Google Map Maker officially opened its doors to Canada this year, Suzanne was entering the location of the Omemee boat launch to be included in the Omemee Pigeon eFlyer. 

‘Many places in our rural area, lack proper online maps and directions,’ Suzanne shared,adding ’As long-time village residents,we frequently received calls asking for directions to businesses,churches,and parks.When I founded Omemee Pigeon eFlyer,it was a natural extension to include maps.’

Canadian Google Map Makers Impacting Canadian Economy

Google Map Maker now being open to Canadians, can have a large effect on the Canadian economy. What this means for us as a country is that edits, and new submissions to Google maps will take much less time for approval.This can directly impact the Canadian economy as a whole,as people are able to find the correct locations for tourist activities, shopping, and more.

‘Google Map Maker being open to Canadians, has financially helped some local groups already,’shared Suzanne Sholer,editor of Omemee Pigeon eFlyer,adding ’One of our most rewarding additions to Google maps has been Freedom Valley Horse Rescue. It’s good to see a worthy cause getting the assistance it needs.’

Canadian Google Map Maker Connecting Canadians

Google Map Maker,being open to Canadians,also connects Canadians online in new ways. Prior to Google Map Maker being open to Canadians,edits made to Canadian maps were simply approved- or not, by map makers outside Canada. There was little discussion,and sometimes valid corrections were disapproved by people unfamiliar with a region. Now Canadian Map Makers can connect with each other,to help speed the process of edits being accepted.  Suzanne hopes more Canadians will take an interest in mapping our great country.

‘For Google Map Maker edits to be accepted, they must ne approved by other Google Map Makers.’ Suzanne shared adding,’If we could get a few more local people involved in editing Google Maps, it could really speed up the process.’

Google Map Maker – Natural Educational Extension

Google Map Maker, has long been used as an adjunct to courses in the United States and the UK. Ms. Sholer, a teacher on leave from Toronto Board of Education, sees great potential for Canadian Colleges,and Universities to participate in the Canadian Google Map Maker program.

Here is an excerpt from the Official letter of recognition from Google Map Maker

Hi Google Map Maker!

We’re with the Google Map Maker community team and wanted to introduce ourselves to you. You’re one of the top mappers in Canada since last month’s Google Map Maker launch for Canadian editing, and we’re dedicated to supporting avid mapping users like you.

We’d be delighted to send you a gift from Google Map Maker based on the great mapping you’re doing! 

Also, we’d love to find out more about your interest in mapping.  Could you take just a moment to fill out this very brief form, sharing with us what excites you about mapping?

Finally, we warmly welcome you to join the North American Map Maker forum to interact with other mappers working on the North American region. We also recommend you visit the Map Maker Community, learn more about the application and introduce yourself to other members.  You can find more information about our team on this page. 

Welcome and happy mapping!

Warm regards,
Adam, Catherine and Andrew
Google Map Maker Community Team

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