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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Immigrating to Canada? Watch Out!

Beware of People Who Promise Impossible Things!

Immigrating to Canada is an exciting opportunity. You do not need to pay an immigration representative to represent you, nor provide immigration advice. There is much free advice available on the Government of Canada official website.

Hiring Someone to Help You Immigrate? Choose Carefully!

Some people do choose to hire someone familiar with the Canadian immigration process to help them with the immigration process. If you choose to hire a professional such as an immigration consultant, lawyer, Qu├ębec notary, or paralegal regulated by a law society, choose carefully. There are several things to consider before you apply, and the Government of Canada site provides tips and links on how to immigrate to Canada the right way.
See the Government of Canada Website for Tips and Information such as:
  • Requirements and steps to apply in each category
  • Hiring an immigration consultant, lawyer, or other representative
  • Government of Canada takes a zero tolerance approach to crooked immigration consultants
  • Marriage and relationship fraud – don’t be a victim
  • News Release: Tougher rules governing immigration consultants enacted and new regulator announced
Immigrate the right way: Citizenship and Immigration Canada

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