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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Food Banks Canada Releases Annual Report!

Food Banks Canada Annual Report Offers Solutions!

‎Food Banks Canada new HungerCount Report. Is full of national, and provincial statistics on hunger. Equally important, are their proposed SOLUTIONS!!

‎Food Banks Canada Solutions Proposed

Food Banks Canada recommendations focus on the need for governments to provide adequate assistance to individuals and families during
times of need, and on how we can better support people to become resilient citizens. They include:
•     Increasing federal and provincial support for the construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing, and the creation or  expansion of housing subsidies.
•     Working with social assistance beneficiaries and other stakeholders to design an income support system of last resort that helps our most vulnerable citizens become self-sufficient.
•     Ensuring that Canada’s most vulnerable seniors are not left to live in poverty.
•     Improving Employment Insurance to better recognize and support Canadians in non-standard forms of employment, as well as older workers facing permanent layoff from long-tenure positions.
•     Prioritizing, at the federal government level, the need to drastically improve the labour market outcomes of disadvantaged workers.
•     Investing in a system of high-quality, affordable, accessible early learning and child care.

See the full report here: Food Banks Canada Research Publications

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