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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hey Canada! Google Mapmaker Opens to Canada!

Get Your Google Map on Canada!

Google Mapmaker opened its virtual doors to Canada October 24,2011. Previously,Google mapmaker was open to the USA,but not Canada,making the turnaround times for Canadian cartographers longer,especially for those living in places 'off the beaten path'. With the opening of Google Mapmaker to Canada, USA Google  Mapmaker members are anticipating an influx of Canadian Mapmakers into the system,Now users can add their expert local knowledge directly to Google Maps with Google Map Maker for Canada. To get your map edits approved faster,take part in voting on other people’s edits.Now that Canadians can take part in editing the map of Canada, I’m looking forward to getting some votes on some of my edits that are in pending status.Ready to start putting Canada on the map? Check out the video below! Do you have some maps sitting in the pending file? Leave a comment with your link,and it may help bring your edits to the attention of other editors reading this post.

How to Use Google Mapmaker Canada

First Register for a free Google Mapmaker account. If you’ve been submitting map edits for awhile,under a Google account,you’ll want to register with that account,as it tracks your edits,and now,also your reviews.Users can help make the map complete in many ways such as marking hiking paths and trails, fixing names of a local businesses, or adding college campus buildings so they appear in Google Maps.  For something to be added to Google Mapmaker it needs to have a permanent physical address indicated,not the mailing address.If there are several outlets for a franchise,then the name should differentiate which one it is. For example ,one of my recent approved edits was Dunsford BR-City of Kawarau Lakes Library,which did not have the branch indicated previously.To confirm Map Maker user contributions are accurate, each edit is reviewed. If you would like your edits to be approved faster,be sure to take part in the community edits,and vote on whether other people’s edits are accurate After approval, edits appear in Google Maps within minutes. To see examples of what people all around the world are adding in Map Maker, you can even watch mapping in real-time.

Citizen cartographers using Google Map Maker in more than 180 other regions of the world help keep maps of their areas accurate and up to date. To learn more, visit the handy guide to mapping Map Makerpedia or check out a video tutorial. Get started mapping at

Helpful Resources:
Google MapMaker Help  – Getting Started Guide

Happy Mapping!


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