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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Halal Foods- Which Canadian Products are Halal?

MCG Helps Canadians Find Halal Food Sources!

Muslim Consumer GroupMany religions have specific dietary requirements. For Muslims, finding Halal foods,and products can be a challenge, but a Consumer group is working hard to help. The Muslim Consumer Group for Food Products is guiding a growing number of businesses,.which are wisely  tapping into this new growing market, by having some of their products and foods declared Halal. The following information was obtained from The Muslim Consumer Group for Food Products Canadian Website.

What is Halal?

All foods and ingredients which are lawful to consume according to Islamic dietary laws, are called Halal; for example fruits, vegetables, and fish.
What is Haram?
Food products and ingredients which are prohibited for Muslims to consume are called Haram; for example pork and its by-products, blood, and alcoholic beverages.
What is Zabiha Slaughtered Meat?
Meat from cows, lamb, chickens and turkey are considered Zabiha if animals are slaughtered by a Muslim following Islamic slaughtering Sharia rules and procedures. Some Muslims also called it Halal meat.
About The Muslim Consumer Group for Food Products
The Muslim Consumer Group for Food Products is a non-profit and non-political organization, incorporated in 1993. It serves as an educational resource about Halal foods,and is a Halal certification organization for Muslim consumers, and the food industry. Its certification is based on strict Islamic dietary requirements.
Eating foods which meet Halal standards, is very important to Muslims the world over. This site provides an essential service to Muslim consumers in Canada, who are in great need to know the Halal status of food products in Canadian supermarkets.
Their Halal symbol, an H within a triangle,pictured above, appears on many food products, and ingredients. They follow the Islamic dietary requirement of no added ethyl alcohol to food products.Ethyl alcohol is found in natural and artificial flavours, such as vanilla extract, and alcohol containing products such as naturally brewed soy sauce. Their main purpose is to help Canadian Muslims to bring only Halal food products to their homes and Masajid.
In addition to having a site containing a wealth of information, The Muslim Consumer Group for Food Products, answers question from Muslims regarding food products through e-mails, and has a toll free Halal Food Hot Line to answer questions about Halal supermarket food products, food ingredients, Halal personal care products, and Halal over-the-counter medicines.The Muslim Consumer Group for Food Products also makes presentations at Masajid or Islamic centres, and participates in Q and A sessions on radio programs.
The Muslim Consumer Group for Food Products, Halal certifies non-meat food products, and food ingredients for different food companies. Including various vegetable oils for Y & Y Distribution company of Montreal, QC which are available in Montreal and Toronto supermarkets.
You can find more information on their website at:

Wishing all our Muslim readers a blessed Ramadan Kareem and Ramadan Mubarak.

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