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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Drinking bottled water?

How I almost contributed to the defamation of major companies.
One of the Twitter accounts I follow is @MommyPerks. Although US based, they usually have some great general info. Today they posted an article about drinking water including, what supposedly were ratings given to various types of bottled water where they cited tap water as the highest grade. “Great post!”, I thought and set out to reblog this important info.
However, upon reading their Yahoo source , I discovered the ratings were for public disclosure of information not safety of drinking water as espoused in the Mommy Perks article.
Get answers about Canada’s bottled water from Health Canada.
Bottled Water Company Ratings for Public Disclosure of Information
(Ratings given by: Environmental Working Group, Washington DC)
1.     Pure Life Purified Water (Nestle), EWG grade = B
2.     Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water (Nestle), EWG grade = C
3.     Aquafina Purified Drinking Water (Pepsi), EWG grade = D
4.     Dasani Purified Water (Coca-Cola), EWG grade = D
5.     Deer Park Natural Spring Water (Nestle), EWG grade = D
6.     Ice Mountain Natural Spring Water (Nestle), EWG grade = D
7.     Ozarka Natural Spring Water (Nestle), EWG grade = D
8.     Poland Spring Natural Spring Water (Nestle), EWG grade = D
9.     Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water (Nestle), EWG grade = D
10.  Crystal Geyser Natural Alpine Spring Water (CG Roxane), EWG grade =  F
Mommy Perks, I certainly am glad to hear EWG gave the US government an A rating on their filtered tap water disclosures. Any less would definitely be a newsworthy cause for concern.
Explanation of ratings:
Each "best on transparency" bottled water labels a specific water source and treatment method and posts purity testing online. The "worst on transparency" bottled waters list no information on specific water source, treatment or purity, online or on the label. These lists are drawn from EWG's survey of labels from 173 bottled waters purchased in 2010.
Lesson learned? Always check your sources! Glad I did.

1 comment:

SuzSaver said...

I read this article and contacted Mommy Perks on Twitter. Mommy Perks then withdrew their post. Mommy Perks told me Yahoo's original post presented the ratings as water ratings, and Yahoo must have changed their article.
I'm surprised they didn't comment on your post.

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