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Friday, August 7, 2009

On the Road – Save $ & Your Sanity

What are your travel tips? (Adapted from VSA)

Note : This Travel Budget Calculator wouldn't function in IE Explorer 7 Please leave a comment if it works or doesn't work for you.

Travel Tips

Tip 1:
Remember to budget for spending money: Equipment rentals, snacks and gifts can add up quickly.

Tip 2:
Seek advice from fellow travellers: Research online for recommendations from locals and learn from others’ mistakes.

Tip 3:
Always ask if hotels, restaurants and attractions offer discounts - CAA,  and other organizations often negotiate discounts for their members.

Tip 4:
Add 10 to 15 percent to your budget for unanticipated events - things like lost luggage, a flat tire or an Emergency Room visit. Make sure you bring along copies your medical and auto insurance information.

Tip 5:
A tired driver is a dangerous driver. Plan to drive no more than eight to ten hours per day and only 2 hours at a time.(Your bladder and metabolism will thank you later in life/). If you feel tired, pull into a rest area for a power nap. Stopping for a 15 minute nap is a much better idea than driving when less than alert.

Tip 6:
Bring a cooler with food and beverages in it. This will cut your food budget and free up time for more interesting things than looking at the insides of restaurants.(BTW breakfast is the cheapest meal to eat out)

Tip 7:
If travelling with children, stop at a rest areas with room to run around once or twice a day. The kids will get rid of their excess energy, which will help children be less restless in the car or even get some sleep.

Tip 8:
No matter what your mode of transportation is, travelling with children is best done at night. Children are more likely to sleep at this time and less likely to get wound up.

Tip 9:
Car trips provide a great opportunity to start family traditions. Sing-a-longs, reading stories and other family activities make fantastic entertainment and memories.

Tip 10:
Construction and rush hour can extend your drive time considerably. Allow for extra time to get to your destination.

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