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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Phone Alternatives to Fat Cat Companies

CBC news reported today: Phone deregulation fails consumers Nothing really surprising here. I  must admit I do support one of the three fat cat phone companies-after all they employ one of my children.
What alternatives are there?
Briefly mentioned in this article (waaayy down at the bottom) are three newcomers to the Canadian telecommunications marketplace: Wind, Mobilicity and Public Mobile, but none has captured any substantial share of the market.
Another alternative mentioned in the comments by a reader is
“Majic Jack” a VOIP phone system.
Two online alternatives  I’ve used are calling from Skype and calling from Gmail . Skype is free to call computers, but gmail is free for landline calls too. The Google voice browser plug-in doesn’t work in Canada, but it is quite simple to call landlines for free  in Canada and the US from a gmail account. I have been told both of these have an echo on the other end, so I’ll need to try it with a mic and see if it works any better.
So in support of the little guys out there, here are links to their FAQ sites:
Public Mobile
Majic Jack
Do you use one of the three fat cat phone companies or are you encouraging healthier competition in the marketplace?  What are your reasons?
Read the CBC News Article Here. Posted Dec.30,2010 11:31 Accessed Dec.30,2010 1:52 p.m

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