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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

May 2011 – National Census

Stats Canada : Why Participate?

Census taking has come a long way since biblical times, when people all crowded into the cities and villages of their ancestry. This year, you can even complete the Stats Canada Census online!

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Why is the census important?

The census information collected by Stats Canada is used in making important decisions—neighbourhoods, communities, provinces, and the country as a whole. For example: census information is used for  planning new schools, roads, waterworks, public transit, and police and fire services. Census information is also used by town planners to plan health care, day-care centres,  and housing needs.
Population estimated from the census is used to determine transfer payments from the federal government to the provinces and territories and from the provinces to municipalities.
This year’s census is particularly important as the Data will be used to determine the number of Members of Parliament.
If you want improved government services that reflect your needs, make sure everyone in your community accurately completes the census forms.

Who is included in the census?

Every person living in Canada, as well as Canadians who are abroad, either on a military base, attached to a diplomatic mission, or at sea or in port aboard Canadian-registered merchant vessels is included in the census. Persons in Canada including those holding a temporary resident permit, study permit or work permit, and their dependents, are also part of the census.

When is the Census?

For most of Canada, the census will be starting in May, but for some isolated communities enumerations started in February and will end in April. These areas include parts of:
  • Yukon
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nunavut (all)
  • Labrador
  • Quebec
  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan
  • Alberta
Early enumeration is done to make sure people living in winter communities are included in the census before they relocate to smaller, scattered summer fishing and hunting camps. Statistics Canada employees who have taken an oath of secrecy do early enumeration  by personally interviewing people. 

The 2011 Census online

This is a landmark year for the Statistics Canada Census. Starting in May 2011, households can conveniently complete their census questionnaire online.
For more details about the Stats Canada 2011 Census, and how you can participate, see the Stats Canada Website.
Resource: Stats Canada Website (accessed Mar.22,2011)

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