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Friday, August 21, 2009

Manhunt on - Alleged Killer in Calgary?

Have you seen this man?

image Reality TV contestant, Ryan Jenkins,  charged with the murder of his ex-wife, whose mutilated body was found naked in a suitcase in a trash bin. Police say the accused may have fled to Canada. See More Photos

Warning-  May be armed & dangerous.

Jenkins, variously described as an architect, real estate developer and investment banker with a couple million dollars, appeared in three episodes of the series "Megan Wants a Millionaire" about a woman seeking to land a wealthy bachelor by putting suitors through their paces, such as designing a marketing campaign for her pet Chihuahua.

A resume posted on professional networking site,, says Jenkins graduated from Mount Royal College in Calgary in 1999, has a licence to fly commercial airplanes, worked in investment sales and as president of a boutique development company focused on cutting-edge green technologies. 

The Search

Former model Jasmine  Fiore was last seen alive with Jenkins at a poker game in San Diego. Jenkins cut off contact with police after reporting her missing Saturday night to the Los Angeles County sheriff's department. A  preliminary coroner's report indicated she was strangled.

Police in Buena Park, Calif., revealed 28 year-old Fiore's teeth and fingers were removed before her body was found in the  trash bin in California .

One count of murder with malice aforethought was filed against Ryan Jenkins on Thursday afternoon in the death of former model Jasmine Fiore, 28.

Jenkin's car and an empty boat trailer were found at a marina in Blaine, just south of Vancouver.  The boat, belonging to Jenkins, was found at Point Roberts, at the tip of a peninsula. just south of Vancouver that can only be reached by land from Canada.

Vancouver radio station CKNW reported that Jenkins's mother lives in Vancouver. Quoting a family friend, the station reported she went to meet her son in Seattle on Wednesday, saying it was a family emergency.

Const. Sharlene Brooks of the Delta, B.C., police - whose jurisdiction includes the Canada-U.S. border area south of Vancouver - said her department has been asked to watch for the fugitive.

"It's not confirmed that he in fact has entered Canada, but if he has done so it was not through legitimate means," Brooks said.

Acting Calgary police Chief Al Redford said officers in Jenkins's hometown are  also working with other law enforcement agencies and looking for tips. "Our fugitive apprehension detail is currently on the hunt checking connections, associates, doing backgrounding, that sort of thing," he said.

 Whirlwind Tempestuous Relationship 

Fiore's mother,Lisa Lepore,said that, Jenkins met Fiore in a Las Vegas casino in March, after taping for the VH1 series finished, and the two were married  March 18.

In May, "they had a big blowout," and fought because he was jealous of her ex-boyfriends, Lepore said. "She had the marriage annulled."

Fiore "didn't trust him because he was doing (things) behind her back," Lepore said. She declined to say what the incident involved.

Court records show that Jenkins was charged in June in Clark County, Nev., with a misdemeanour count of "battery constituting domestic violence" on accusations that he hit Fiore in the arm.

Jenkins then went to Mexico to do another reality TV show, but struggled to get Fiore back when he returned. It was not immediately clear which show he appeared on.

"He convinced her during that month that he was really the guy for her," Lepore said. "He wrote poems and stories, and prayed, and (claimed he) had this huge spiritual awakening."

History of Violence 

Court documents from Calgary  show Jenkins was charged with assaulting a woman in July 2005. He was given a conditional discharge with 15 months probation and ordered not to have contact with the woman. There were reports that she was his girlfriend at the time.

Jenkins  is scheduled for a Dec. 18 non-jury trial to face misdemeanour charges of "battery constituting domestic violence" against Fiore.

Police warn that Jenkins  may be armed with a handgun and should be considered dangerous.

VH1 has postponed any future airings of the show. The statement also said that the show was an outside production licensed to VH1, but that it was produced and owned by 51 Minds Entertainment.

1 comment:

Infonut said...

Update-BC Hotel Employee finds Jenkins' body in Room Sun.

“Preliminary evidence suggests that he took his own life,” said Sgt. Duncan Pound of the Mounted Police.

The case raises questions about background checks of reality TV contestants, who can be rewarded with more air time & money for outrageous on-camera behavior.

In addition to the assault charges Jenkins faced, his former driver noted in an interview, that Jenkins was a heavy gambler who would drop large sums of money & then go "scrambling for more cash to play some more."

Jenkins appeared in 2 shows produced by 51 Minds Entertainment. The production company acknowledged that its background check hadn't turned up Jenkins' criminal record. They said in a statement that they were “taking steps to ensure that this sort of lapse never occurs again.”

Dating millionaires may be hazardous to your health!

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