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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Keep Cool 4 Less Cash

Trying to keep cool? Check out this article.

Co$t Cutting with Infonut

Keep Cool for Less Ca$h

Help for the hot! Click on the links in these tips for more info that will keep you and your space cool for less cash.

Your Space–Reducing the 2 H’s (Heat &Humidity)

Reduce Heat (Generated)

Besides the obvious- not running the furnace, dryer, oven, stove or dish drying cycle; reduce heat generated by other lights and appliances. Run your freezer and refrigerator more efficiently. It takes less electricity to chill a full freezer, so fill empty space with cardboard boxes. Refrigerators are the opposite; so keep lots of space around food to let the air circulate. Unplug your TV, computer and other electronics when not in use.

Reduce Heat (Entering)

Insulation isn’t just for winter. Make sure your space is sealed against heat and hot sun during the day. Hang your winter quilts on your windows for a homey touch and follow the 10 to 10 rule: Keep windows and doors shut as much as possible from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Reduce Humidity

If you can’t hang clothes outside to dry, take a tip from TV’s “Kim’s Rude Awakenings” – roll wet clothes in clean towels then do the “dance of joy” upon them, before hanging in a closed, room and blowing dry with a fan.

Periodically use your kitchen and bath fans to blow out humidity. Create a simple electric-free dehumidifier using road salt or silica gel.

Cool Your Space

Create an old-fashioned portable air-conditioner using a grounded fan, dish drainer, towel, and home-frozen ice blocks. If you’re feeling ambitious you might try setting up a gizmo I found plans for, which uses copper tubing. Cool the air where you need it and move your set-up from one room to another.

Keeping Your Cool

Take a dip or shower for free on the Tim Horton’s free swim days. Dry off, and then powder yourself with cornstarch from the bulk food store. Dress for the weather. Wear 100% light-coloured, natural fibres, they breathe better than polyester and reflect the sun’s rays. I’ve heard that some people stash a clean set of clothes in a plastic bag in their freezer. Take a tip from the folks "Down Under" and wear a cooling scarf. The cool, damp water cools the blood circulating through your body as it passes through the arteries in your neck. Keep shaded with a light hat and 100% UV sunglasses to prevent eye damage. Pack a picnic lunch and head for a cool public building (library, shopping mall, hospital). Try to stay indoors during peak UV periods (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)(There’s a reason streets come alive late at night in Brazil.) Fill your hot water bottle with ice cubes and put it on summer duty in your bed. Pull a pillowcase out of the freezer, and drift off to dream of cooler days. Before you know it, winter will be here and we’ll be complaining about the cold.

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