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Friday, November 6, 2009

Vaccine Muck Up & Kudos for one Community

The H1N! Vaccination Clinics have been a total fiasco. Every time I view the latest reports, I wonder if Homer Simpson is running the country. Although people who are high risk were to be given 1st priority with the shots, the media is rife with reports of how the vaccine is being distributed incompetently. Although the public information release states participants need to bring  ID, it is followed by a caveat that cancels this requirement. In addition, when people arrive to get the shot, they are made to stand in line for hours. What high risk person do you know is capable for standing for hours on end?

The line ups are totally preposterous. The least that could be done is to have a person go down the line checking ID's and giving people appointments to return during a  specified 30 minute, or one hour time frame.

Sault Ste Marie is a shining example of how this total muck up could have been avoided. Read about their strategy HERE.

A variety of groups are arguing their status as high risk groups. Including: members of sports teams(?!,) and prison populations.

When I see gross  mismanagement of a vital resource it makes me afraid, very afraid. For the safety of our country.

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