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Monday, August 31, 2009

How to figure out Food Portions--Neat Visual Tool


Let's Play with our Food -Guess which food matches which object.

Take the guess work out of portions by associating them with everyday things.

The WebMD Portion Size Plate is an interactive online program that helps you know how much to eat of what.You can even print out a guide for the fridge or your wallet.

How it Works-

Click on a food and a plate slides onto the screen with a photo of the food beside a photo of an object. Click Here & Try it Yourself!

I didn't know you could buy a computer mouse as big as a baked potato! Oops - I guess I need to buy smaller potatoes. This is American (pizza serving - 2 dollar bills), but it's cute and you can print it out for your wallet or the fridge door.

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