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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Canadian Coupons Online

Q. Where can I find Canadian Coupons online?

A. It can be frustrating filling out forms, just to find out a deal or coupon isn't available in Canada, but there are coupons out there for you.

You can find several types of coupons online: printable, e-mailed to you, mailed to you, cash back, and discount codes for online purchases. Some sites also give leads on where to find coupons in stores and in products or publications.

Pros and Cons of Online Coupon Info
Save $2 on Pepcid Complete (+immediate;-printing costs money)

E-mailed to You- Sign up with General Mills or Chuckee Cheese (+ongoing resource; -takes more time)

Mailed to You- has a steadily changing variety of coupons (+no cost; -takes more time)

Cash Back- Refunds mailed to you- Smart Canucks pays $2.00 at sign up (+no print out; wait for savings)

Online Purchase Codes- Canada’s Wonderland Discount Codes(+immediate savings;-online purchase)

Store Leads- RBC Free Computer Giveaway (+no cost/time;-only certain franchises)

Product Lead- Coupon for Free Cheese in Christie Crackers (+no printing; -need to search for product)

Publication Lead- Attractions Ontario booklet( entertainment coupons)

Tips for Coupon Hunting

  1. Enter: the item you want, coupon, and Canada in a search engine such as Google
  2. Go to the website listed on the product package
  3. Search Freecycle, Ebay or better still use Goofbay (where misspelled deals are discovered)
  4. Check out Canadian coupon sites
  5. Use a central listing site such as Deals 4 Canada with links to Canadian coupon sites

Important- Watch out for counterfeit coupons (especially fast food)

Call the franchise- then go for lunch

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